Another 2011 Movie Montage… Thing [Video]
I know ... I KNOW! We're all 2011'ed out and moved on to bigger and better things! (Unless you're a Mayan?)
But here's one more montage of movies from 2011 (and before ... just watch you'll see what I mean.)
Miss Shreveport Is This Saturday Night
I was tickled pink (not a Mary Kay reference, swear!) when I got the call to be a judge at this year's Miss Shreveport pageant. I promise this isn't the type of competition you're used to seeing from Donald Trump.
Congrats Lauren Vizza – Miss Louisiana 4th Runner-Up
Of course, we send our congratulations out to all of the Miss Louisiana contestants. After all, just to be there is a huge honor! I, for one, have always held the belief that the reason Miss America is generally from the South, is that Southern girls have a certain je ne sais quoi. It's an…
Holly Hill Spring Horse Trials 2011
The Holly Hill Spring Horse Trials were this past Easter weekend at beautiful Holly Hill Equestrian Center in Benton, LA. I was there both Friday and Saturday volunteering as a jump judge and as paddock master. I've gotta tell you, it was my pleasure! I had big fun and can't wait to help o…
Shop For A Good Cause!
Once again, I love a good sale and this one is April 30th! Check it out! The kids from the Cavanaugh Center are hosting a garage sale at the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse’s main office to help replace funds cut by state funding.
Plain Dealing Flea Market
I love a good deal! And I love garage sales and flea markets and shopping in general. That's why when I got this email, I knew I had to share the info with you! Consider it our shopping date for the 7th;)
Holiday In Dixie
Holiday in Dixie will always be special to me. I've got a lot of memories connected to it. One of my favorite is from high school. My friend Christine and I were both excited for our very first prom! She was a freshman and I was a sophomore at Haughton High School and the two cutest boys asked …