9-11 Remembrance Walk Scheduled in Bossier City
9-11-01.  It's the day we said we'd never forget!  But let's do more than just remember. Let's honor those lives who were lost, their loved ones, and the survivors of this incredible tragedy by taking part in the 9-11 Remembrance Walk in Bossier City.
Remembering 9/11 [VIDEO]
I don’t think any of us will forget 9/11… The morning the news broke that the United States was under attack, I was working in Cedar Rapids, IA and we all stood in the news room, clustered around a little bitty TV screen watching coverage of a plane crashing in to the World Tr…
Pizzeria ‘Honors’ 9/11 With $9.11 Pizza
Nothing commemorates the greatest tragedy in American history quite like a pizza sale! A pizzeria in upstate New York decided to honor the 11th anniversary of 9/11 by selling large cheese pizzas for $9.11. The uproar was predictably appropriate.

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