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Guy Drags Beached Great White Shark Back To Ocean
This dude is crazy! I saw Jaws when I was a kid, so that makes me an expert in sharks. This guy is risking life and limb trying to drag this shark off the beach and back to the ocean! I mean it's nice that he's trying to save the life of a creature that's living. But dang dude, you sh…
Elephant Joins Pool Party … This Seems Awkward
When it's hot there's nothing quite as nice as jumping in the pool or drinking some water. Well here's a little video of an elephant crashing a pool party. Every human silently freaks out I'm sure. Though maybe if they would have offered the thirsty guy (gal? who can tell) a pean…
Dog Meets Wolf [Video]
Wow ... so a dog sees a wolf on a golf course and SLOWLY sneaks up on him! My parents dogs would bark at the wolf from behind my parents legs.
The end result is adorable check it.

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