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This is One Happy Parrot
I don't know anything about having a bird as a pet. In fact my only experience with birds was when I went to hang out with a friend at her house and she had birds. Here's a singing bird who sings(?) if you're happy and you know it. Lemme just say this is one happy bird...
Misbehaving Dog Causes an Explosion
Here's a crazy video from the annals of the internet. A dog and it's owner are being filmed to be on a show about misbehaving animals. This corgi attacks bottles of cleaning products under the sink. You'll never believe the chain of events that lead to a panicked escape...
Funny Video of Otters Swimming at Fort Worth Zoo
The Lady Stifler and I went on a trip recently to Fort Worth and while we were there I shot a video of her favorite furry critter (next to her dogs) otters! They were so full of energy swimming to and fro. They were showing off the whole time. Totally awesome and cute!
Armadillo Picks Up Leaves to the tune Billy Jean
Sometimes you just have to dance, other times you need to gather leaves. Here's a quick video of an armadillo gathering leaves in time with Micheal Jackson's song Billie Jean.
Side note: I don't think I've ever seen a non-road kill armadillo!
Malamute-Husky Pup Learns To Howl (VIDEO)
Back in March, a 20-day-old Alaskan Malamute-Siberian husky puppy named Belka was caught on camera learning to howl. Nine months later, the clip has gone viral for a second time, racking up 3.2 million views. If you don't want your heart to melt like an ice cream cone in July, don't watch …
A Mouse That Thinks It’s A Dog
Here's a video of a rat that can play fetch! It's pretty cool video actually, then the drama amps up when a cat comes in the shot. The cat is a bit more Garfield than Tom from 'Tom and Jerry'.
Fishing when Suddenly, Shark Attack! [NSFW]
Understandably everybody trips out ... here's a normal video of fishing off a pier of what looks like somebody's back yard. A lady catches a fish and reels him in ... when suddenly the fish is gone. Then 30 seconds of screaming and swearing commences.
Cat Playing a Guitar When Suddenly…Earthquake
Cat videos built the internet. If there were no cat videos, what would we get on the computer for?Information? Communication? Please. That's what the post office and library are for, am I right?!
Watch this cat play the guitar when suddenly the earth shakes.

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