Watch a Cute Beagle Dog Push Another Dog Around in a Shopping Cart
In honor of KVKI's Man's Best Friend photo contest, we thought you might enjoy this video of a cute beagle dog pushing another adorable dog in a shopping cart, or as we call them here in Louisiana, a buggy.
Maymo, the driver of the shopping cart, pushes his sister, Penny, on a fun adventure down stre…
These GIFs of Animals Exercising Make Us Humans Look Lazy
Sometimes it's tough for people to find motivation to exercise. There's all that sweating, and tiredness, and panting. Not pleasant! Animals? That's a whole other story.
Check out these GIFs of dogs, cats and other animals working out. We wish we had such dedicated gym partners.
A Chihuahua’s Hilariously Cute Reaction to Being Offered a Bath
Chihuahuas (pronounced: chye hoo-a hoo-a by people who think it's funny to mispronounce things) are just like just about every other dog: the idea of a bath is not pleasant. You don't have to be a dog whisperer to figure out what this dog thinks about the prospect of bathing...

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