april fools

The Ultimate Pixar Easter Egg (for April Fools’ Day)
People love to speculate about Pixar movies. There’s even a whole “Pixar Theory” about how every movie exists in the same shared universe (one with humans and talking toys and talking ants and a gigantic menagerie of horrors when you think about it). Then there are the famous Pi…
April Fools: Sam Adams Prank
I love me some Sam Adams beer. I don't know what it is about the brew from Boston, but I dig it. It made me happy to see they don't take themselves too seriously. Here's an interesting concept Helium infused beer.
April Fools: SwiftKey Painful Keyboard
April 1st is the one day where you shouldn't believe ANYTHING at all you see. (I feel bad for a friend of mine who eloped today nobody believes she actually married.) Anyway, here's a obvious April Fools, but I still like it!
Quick And Easy Toilet Paper Prank
If you share a house with someone who can't stand it when toilet paper is put on wrong. Have we got a prank for you! No it's not the remove the tissue paper and replace with duct tape thing. It's far more devious.