Bruno Mars

Flight Attendant Dances to Uptown Funk
When you're sitting on a plane waiting for take off it can get a little boring. One flight attendant had a way to break up the monotony, she started dancing to the Mark Ronson - Bruno Mars hit song Uptown Funk, and it's awesome.
Old People Sing “Uptown Funk”
Has there been a bigger song in the last few months than Uptown Funk? Seriously, that song has been hot like fire. To the point people from a retirement home got together to sing it, not only that but make a music video. I give it 7/10: would boogie to it...
10 Holiday Movie Remakes We’d Love to See
'Tis the season to marathon endless holiday movies! As much as we love the classics, we can't help but want more, more, more! So, we've come up with some could-be holiday movie remakes -- starring some of our favorite celebs -- that we'd love to add to our Christmas wish list...
‘SNL’ Taps Cameron Diaz to Host November 22
Just this past weekend 'SNL' announced that 'The Hunger Games' star Woody Harrelson would return to the stage on November 15, and so too do we know what A-lister will also make a return appearance the following week. 'Annie' star Cameron Diaz will make her own fourth ap…

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