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Halloween Whopper Has Unexpected Side Effect
No doubt you're aware of the new limited edition Whopper Burger King is offering for Halloween. It's a Whopper with A1 steak sauce baked directly into the bun, giving it a shiny black color. But what's taking consumers by surprise is what happens after you eat one...it turns your poop…
Comedian Pokes Fun at Mary J. Blige’s Burger King Commercial
Last week, Mary J. Blige received some backlash from critics for singing about crispy chicken wraps in a Burger King commercial. The ad was mostly criticized for perpetuating old stereotypes about blacks and their love for fried chicken. Although Burger King pulled the commercial from their YouTube …
Burger King Pulls Blige Ad
Burger King issued an apology to Mary J. Blige and her fans for releasing a commercial that incited major backlash from fans.

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