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Dogs Annoying Cats is Cute and Funny
I'm a dog kind of guy. I love the four legged critters. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and are undeniably good boys or girls (as the case may be).
This video shows dogs annoying cats with their friendship. The cats aren't having any of it...
Cute Kitten ‘Saves’ Owner
You would see videos like this all the time about dogs ... which is why it isn't THAT big of a deal. Man's best friend has always got your back. But when it's a cat doing it's best to save a human's life. Well that's note worthy my friend.
Funny Video: The Apologizing Cat
Cats are a trip. This video shows just how complex cats can be with their feelings. One cat is obviously very sorry for stealing the last bit of catnip. The other cat is wounded to the soul. Why did this video make me laugh out loud? Well, you'll have to watch...
Cat Interrupts Woman’s Song – Her Reaction is Priceless [NSFW]
Holy moly this video made my stinking day. A woman is sitting on her couch singing about her fear of the dark and dentists when suddenly. CAT ATTACK! Her choice words to the kitty cat made me laugh so hard because it reminded me of every time I had a cat that got somewhere or in something it wasn&ap…
Kitten Mesmerized by Trash Can
Here's a video I found of a kitten being enthralled by a trashcan lid. At first I think it's just thinking hey whats inside here ... then gets stuck in an endless loop of whoa what is that for 44 seconds.
A Cat Who Honks?
Short 6 second video of a cat walking by a fence when it opens it's mouth to meow ... but instead of a meow. It's a car horn! Is this the future?
5 Cute Videos to Brighten Your Day
When the Lady Stifler is having a bad day. I turn into a GPS set for cuteness. I find with a cute video or picture of some adorable dogs, cats, otters, raccoon (etc) I can turn a frown into the biggest "AWWW IT'S SO CUTE!!" face you'll ever see. So here's some videos…

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