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Excited Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (VIDEO)
Finally, equal time for cat lovers! After all the videos we've seen of dogs welcoming their military owners back home we decided to flip the script and show a cat doing the same thing. The cat is Finn and the soldier is Nick.
Cat Runs into Glass Door of Bakery Featured on TV Show
So in France a show was highlighting a bakery when suddenly out of no where a cat runs into the door. I don't know if I should laugh because cats are silly or feel bad for the kitty.
Either way this cat got some face time. *rimshot*
Mission Impossible Cat
Once upon a time I had a cat named Anna (imagine our shock when we found out that Anna was a boy cat.) Anyway, Anna was never this cool. Here's a video of a cat going all Mission Impossible 'Ethan Hunt' to retrieve his toy.
Best of Internets: Two Talking Cats
What do you think cats talk about? I mean they have 9 lives. That's a lot of ground to cover. Well, we're not sure what these chatty cattys are saying to each other but it's cute. So there's that.
11 Silly Gifs (Moving Pictures) Of Cats
Well, I gotta be honest. The Lovely Lady Stifler and I are not really what you might call "cat people" however we can appreciate some funny things cats do. I rounded up 11 cat gifs that had me laughing at my desk (and having coworkers stop by to check on me)
Epic Video Of A Cat Vs An Army Made Of Paper
Cats love attacking things. Like paper, mice, birds, or my feet. Well here's an extremely well done video of a ginger cat attacking a paper army. I don't know how much work went into making this video. But goodness is it awesome.
Cute Pictures of Cute Dogs, Cats and…Bears!?

Do you like pictures of dogs and cats? Well you need to lookie here! These are pictures gathered from all over the internet of puppies being cute hanging out at the beach, hanging out with cats. Lots more stuff. Come check it out.

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