Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies!
Los Angeles, California just opened their first cat cafe. No joke, this is amazing! Not only for all the crazy cat ladies like me out there, but for the animal shelters that are involved with this cat cafe. I love the fact that the cats are adoptable and that they have Kitten Parties...
This Cat LOVES to be Vacuumed
I remember back when I lived with my mom, we had two cats. These cats, I would consider to be very chill cats. They just laid around all day, living the dream.
I'm pretty sure there was only one thing that freaked these cats out.... The vacuum...
Most Bizarre Pet Names of 2014
A pet insurance company has released a list that must be seen... VPI has released the top 50 most bizarre pet names submitted to them for both dogs & cats.
I thought that I went on a limb when my family named our cat 'Lightning' due to it's crooked tail. I ...

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