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Chris Brown’s Neighbors Complain About His Graffiti Art
Chris Brown has run into a bit of NIMBY (aka Not In My Back Yard) trouble in his Hollywood hood. Breezy's most recent problems come at the hands of his neighbors, who don't like the graffiti art he painted on the outside of his mansion. As Brown knows very well at this point in his life, y…
Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Over Again? [UPDATE]
Turns out an attempt to get people to pay attention resulted in the rumor that Chris Brown and Rihanna had broken up again. According to E! News, a rep from Power 106 confirmed that the snippet that caused the confusion, which had Brown saying he was no longer dating Rihanna, was in fact months…
Hollywood Nightclub Turns Away Drake
Rapper Drake was turned away by security at the Playhouse in Hollywood Wednesday night, apparently to avoid any possible incidents between the rapper and Chris Brown, who was already inside the club.

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