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Chris Brown Quits Twitter After Feud With Comic
Chris Brown continues to keep it classy. The singer got into a Twitter fight with comedy writer Jenny Johnson, who's been giving Brown a hard time since his 2009 arrest for beating then-girlfriend Rihanna.
Did Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger Make Out?
Looks like Chris Brown may have found a new vict...sorry, playmate. Website X17 Online captured photos of Brown and "X Factor UK" judge Nicole Scherzinger on a nightclub dance floor, and the two allegedly couldn't keep their hands off each other.
Chris Brown Failed a Drug Test But It Probably Won’t Matter
In the biggest surprise since learning Santa Claus just might be mythical, chick-beater and member of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club Chris Brown failed a drug test -- a violation of his probation that could land him in the slammer.
But if that happens, it seems Rihanna would likely be among the l…

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