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Did Rihanna + Chris Brown Split Already?
That was quick. Just as Rihanna and Chris Brown were getting increasingly public with their relationship, the pair, affectionately dubbed "Chrianna" by Rihanna's Navy and Team Breezy, may well have called it quits.
Did Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger Make Out?
Looks like Chris Brown may have found a new vict...sorry, playmate. Website X17 Online captured photos of Brown and "X Factor UK" judge Nicole Scherzinger on a nightclub dance floor, and the two allegedly couldn't keep their hands off each other.
Chris Brown Failed a Drug Test But It Probably Won’t Matter
In the biggest surprise since learning Santa Claus just might be mythical, chick-beater and member of the He-Man Woman Hater's Club Chris Brown failed a drug test -- a violation of his probation that could land him in the slammer.
But if that happens, it seems Rihanna would likely be among the l…

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