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Lil Wayne Told Drake To Apologize To Chris Brown
Weezy wants Drizzy and Breezy to end their beef because it’s bad for the business. Lil Wayne and the rest of the Young Money crew called Drake and told him that he needed to apologize to Chris Brown. They are worried that this rift will affect their business because Chris is on sever…
Chris Brown + Rihanna Refuel Reconciliation Rumors
Hot on the heels of potential rehab, rumors are back about Rihanna reuniting with Chris Brown. The New York Post apparently has eyes everywhere around the controversial former couple, with spies catching them at the same nightclub as well as partying with RiRi’s family.
Chris Brown Clarifies Accusations Towards Cher
Poor Chris Brown. While he has committed plenty of transgressions courtesy of his temper and has used Twitter to vent and express his beefs, but right now, he can’t catch a break. Someone created a duplicate (and fake) Twitter account pretending to be Breezy and started trash talking…

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