college humor

What if Google was a Guy? [VIDEO]
Google is always there for you.
Need to settle an argument? Google.
Feeling curious? Google.
Feeling lucky? Google.
When you need to know, you turn to one place.
But what if Google was a guy. An actual human being?
We think College Humor has it all figured out...
Thrift Shop Parody – Gift Shop! [VIDEO]
Let's be honest, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song Thrift Shop is already pretty much a parody of itself, but the people at College Humor have hit yet another home run with Gift Shop! BTW, what the hell is a Hoberman sphere?
Why Girls Don’t Fart (VIDEO)
My oh my!!! College Humor has gone and done it again! Why girls don't fart and other mysteries revealed!!! Guys!!! You owe me for posting this!