Geek’d Con Cosplay Rules For 2017 Event
Earlier this year, there was a scary situation at the Phoenix Comic Con where an attendee came into the event armed with weapons and ammunition, with the intent to kill police officers, and actually attack the actor who played the Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank...
Meet Comic-Con’s Scariest Cosplayer
There are countless wonderful freaks and geeks cosplaying at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. It’s kinda hard to stand out in the crowd of masked, hooded, helmeted and made-up faces.
Cosplay+Lady Gaga = I Feel Like Charlie Sheen [Video]
This video is tripping me out!!
Comic Con in California happens every year ... and every year people dress up like characters from tv shows and movies and .... comic books! (who knew?) Well someone who is brilliant thought hey lets get a bunch of costumed monsters people and get them singing the best…