Seal Goes Surfing … or At Least Tries To
Cute little video of a guy doing something I've always wanted to attempt, surfing. When suddenly he gets a hitchhiker in the form of a baby seal. They don't catch any waves, but the little guy seems to have had quite the workout getting on the board...
Guilty Dog Feels Bad for Stealing a Toy From a Baby
This is just too good. This is why dogs are AWESOME!!!!
Here we have an adorable baby and an adorable beagle. Combine those two things and 9 times out of 10, you gotta great video!
Here's the scoop... The dog takes a baby toy that the baby clearly wanted to play with...
Too Cute Tuesday, Too Much Cuteness, Tons of Pictures Of Cute Animals!

So my wife and I were killing time today before our favorite show Suits came on tonight. So we searched the internet for one of her favorite things; pictures of puppies, kittens, baby elephants, otters, racoons and tigers. (Oh, my!) Anyway anytime she made a high pitch noise I clicked on the picture…
Cute Critters For Your Monday
If you are looking for cute pictures of cats, dogs, ducks, whatever. Look no further. If you came to the internet and said "I want to see cute pictures" boy are they laid out for you here.
Cute Dog and Cat Pictures To Brighten Your Day
There are some days that you need a reminder that you're not alone on this world. There are furry little friends that have nothing but love in their heart for you. Here are pictures of dogs, cats and even squirrels that are sure to warm your heart.

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