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Cute Critter Tuesday!
Here are some pictures of cute critters! Dogs, cats, pigs and a tiger? Aww yeah ... it's on like donkey kong.
Cat’s Best Friend Is A Toy Leopard.
This video features Percy the cat and his surrogate brother. The description of the video says "When Percy was bought home he had originally had a little brother, who unfortunately died. He was given this little leopard as a comforter and now keeps leopard with him all the time...
Too Cute: Pug Vs Spider
No critters were harmed in this video. A cute pug is minding his own business when all the sudden a terrible beast starts scurrying across the floor. It's funny how a 2 minute video can make you feel a range of emotions. Check it out.
Too Cute For A Tuesday
Still in recovery from an awesome weekend? Here are some pictures that might just make you say awwwwwww!!!
Funny Video of Monkey Trying to Scare Off Tiger Cubs
So, if I told you this was a video of two tigers verses a monkey who was trying to protect his home, you'd think the monkey would be the underdog, right? You'd be wrong. Here is a video of two tiger cubs playing under a monkey's tree as the monkey does his best to scare them off. The …
This 2-Year-Old Kid Basketball Genius Needs a Contract
Here's an amazing video of a 2-year-old boy sinking shot after shot, making trick shots on different height basket ball goals from 3-ft to 7-ft. Draining each one. At first, I thought clever editing.But one of the last shots made me a believer. Let's get this guy signed to the New Orleans …
Bird Knows How To Drop Da Beat … Dubstep Bird
If you have a dog you can impress your friends when you make them perform a trick "Sit!" ... "Good boy!!" That also works with a cat. "Lay there look lazy!" ... "Walk to the leather couch and sharpen your nails!" ... "*…

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