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The Daily Aww: Featuring A Dog In Snow
Here's a short video of a dog enjoying the years first snow fall. When I use the word enjoying I mean it. The dog rolls in it numerous times and drags his butt across it. Which seems HIGHLY unpleasant but hey I'm not a dog so how would I know.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Taco
So check out today's aww! It's Taco ... TOK ... Tiny Orange Kitty. Seriously. Back story GOOO! "my mom found this kitten and a few others with their mother (wild) behind our house when they were only a day old. She went to check on the the next day and the mother had moved all the…
The Daily Aww: Featuring Big Cat & Kitten Fight
Not as bad as the title would lead you to believe. The kitten and cat are rough housing but you can totally tell the big cat is going easy on the kitten, either that or is so fluffy she can't move very fast. Either way it ends on a super cute note.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Otters
So back story here, the other day I'm sitting on the couch flipping channels on tv with my girlfriend Holly when we come across a nature show featuring otters. She proceeds to go nuts, telling me how cute and awesome otters are and how I should feature them on a daily aww. Who am I to disagree …
The Daily Aww: Featuring Wesley
Wesley is a cat that enjoys being in the bath tub. A bath tub that has water in it. A cat ... sat for at least 2 minutes in a tub of water and somehow did not claw / kill it's owner. My mind is blown.
Watch this boring yet hypnotizing video of a cat chilling in a tub of water. (A couple of pics …
The Daily Aww: Featuring Weylin
Weylin is a Weimaraner if you don't know anything about Weirmaraner, know that they're full of energy. How full? "We're marathon training right now, so he's doing about 40 miles a week on the trails with me." My parents dog on the other hand actually walked outs…

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