daily aww

The Daily Aww: Featuring Shooter
Shooter is a sweet pup that was sent to me via email by Paige. I don't know much about Shooter, but I can tell you this ... All. Hair.
Check out a bunch of pictures of the super cute puppy dog known as Shooter!
The Daily Aww: Featuring A Kitten
Woke up this morning doing my usual patrol of the internet when I came across a picture of a sweet kitty. Did a little more digging and found a couple more pictures but not much information about the kitty cat other than s/he was just adopted.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Yumi
Yumi is a mix of maltese and miniature poodle that is 100% adorable. Originally, Yumi was going to be an outside pup however, once you see how cute all of Yumi's pics are you'll see how she ended up living the good life.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Dexter the Kitty
Dexter was a stray kitten that was found hanging out around trash cans looking for some food, when he found his forever friend who took him in and gave him not only a bath but some food too. Check out the cute shots of Dexter.
The Daily Aww: Featuring Ali the Corgi
Meet Alison Einstein, a 2-month-old Corgi puppy who enjoys naps, food, napping in food and standing on a deck on a nice summer day. Check out a couple of cute puppy pics in today's Daily Aww.