Even Diddy’s Car Accidents Reek of Money
Oh noes, Diddy was involved in a car wreck and the front end of his Cadillac Escalade was crushed by a Lexus. However will these bereft citizens deal with the physical and emotional damage?
Oh yeah. They're rich. So they'll just buy some new Cadillacs and Lexuses. (Lexi? Lexum?)
Will Diddy Be the Next ‘American Idol’ Judge?
Is ‘American Idol‘ about to put a rapper on its judging panel for the first time? While Nick Jonas and Pharrell Williams are among the artists being considered for the show’s last vacant judging slot, Page Six is adding a new name to the mix — Sean “Diddy&Clos…
Diddy Had A Special House Guest
Diddy was a part of a modern day Goldilocks tale after one of his crazed fans broke into his house, tried on his clothes, helped himself to his food and alcohol and took a nap in his bed.
Quamine Taylor snuck into Diddy’s mansion through an unlocked basement door and hung around for m…

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