dog video

Shake That Ass For Me
Here's a short video of a dog dancing. I mean not like bobbing his head, or doing a waltz I mean I straight up going to a club in down town Shreveport booty shake. That or scratching his butt on the couch. You be the judge.
Dog Pushes Cat Into Bath
Ah yes ... dogs and cats best of friends ... worst of enemies. Here's a 41 second video of a dog and cat trying to get at something inside a bathtub with water in it. The majority of the video is the dog and cat looking at something, the last 5 seconds. Hilarious.
Daily Aww: Pitch Perfect Golden Retriever
If you're like me you love animals and like music. Here's the best of both worlds! It's a dog who the owner has trained to play the right note. This is something that's tough for most people to pull off. The ones who manage it aren't nearly as cute.
The Daily Aww: Featuring A Dog In Snow
Here's a short video of a dog enjoying the years first snow fall. When I use the word enjoying I mean it. The dog rolls in it numerous times and drags his butt across it. Which seems HIGHLY unpleasant but hey I'm not a dog so how would I know.

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