Dog Flu Now A Threat For Louisiana Pets
An outbreak of canine influenza has been detected in Texas. It's only a matter of time before Louisiana dogs could be feeling the effects of the dog flu. Here's what you need to know about how to keep your pet protected.
Dog Teaches Adorable Baby How to Jump
This is just too adorable for my laptop to handle.
Here we have two little girls. One is a beautiful dog named Day. The other, a super-cute toddler named Ally.
Ally was spending time in a baby jumper. Day wasn't impressed with her jumping skills, so she tried her best to teach her how to hop...
Awesome GoPro Footage From a Dog’s POV
Ever wondered what life looks like through the eyes of a dog? We'll I'd imagine it looks something like this, except with less color.
Walter is a dog who flat out loves the water. Loves the ocean to be exact.
So Walter's owner strapped a GoPro to the dog's back, and hoped to captur…
Most Bizarre Pet Names of 2014
A pet insurance company has released a list that must be seen... VPI has released the top 50 most bizarre pet names submitted to them for both dogs & cats.
I thought that I went on a limb when my family named our cat 'Lightning' due to it's crooked tail. I ...
Magician Does Magic Tricks for Dogs
It's no secret I love dogs. I think there awesome! I also think magic is neat.
I came across this (Russian?) video of a guy doing magic tricks to dogs involving a disappearing treat. The dog's reactions? Confused and sassy.

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