Xtreme Dubstep [VIDEO]
Dubstep is on EVERYTHING lately. Of course, it separates the pros from the amateurs on the dance floor... and this guy makes Chris Brown look like a rookie!
Now THIS Is How You Dance to Dubstep [VIDEO]
Full disclosure: I don't have rhythm. I can't dance, but I can appreciate sweet dance moves when I see them. And this guy has the *sweet moves.* I wonder how much practice he put in? Watch and see if you can pick up (steal) some moves from this talented dancer.
Dubstep Officially Deemed Uncool In One Minute (VIDEO)
Well that didn't take long.  Dubstep is the basic driving force behind pop music these days.  You say, "Hey, where did all the drums and guitars and actual singing go in my music?" Well, it's actually guys sitting at computers and turntables making noises all da…