35 Creative Maybe Even New Push-ups
Push-ups are a fantastic work out ... your arms, chest and core all get worked. But how can you take it to the next level? Check out these 35 crazy push-ups to get you in summer shape in no time.
Crazy Trampoline Workout Looks Super Intense
Who doesn't love jumping on trampolines!? It's so much fun to bounce around and get big air spinning around! Working out ... not so much. Here's a video of a gym that uses trampolines and makes it look like a super tough work out. I worked up a sweat just watching this video...
Guy Mods His Bike to Run on Motor That Goes 50 MPH!
Want to reduce your carbon foot print? Take a bike to work instead of driving. Want to reduce your carbon foot print but are lazy or like speed? Well this guy shows off his bike that can go up to 50 mph! That's pretty dang fast!
Motivating and Inspirational Weight Loss Before and After Pictures
It's a new year and with that comes new year's resolutions. One of the more common ones is to get in shape and lose weight. Neither of those things happens quickly. Here are pictures of people's complete transformations, complete with amazing before and after pictures.
Some of these jo…
Getting in Shape is the WORSE! [VIDEO]
Getting in shape is soooo hard! I've been at the gym doing a modification of cross fit since January. I know I'm getting stronger, I'm just changing my shape. I know it's my fault. If you want to change your body you have to exercise AND change what you put in your mouth. I wonde…

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