This Guy Does NOT Like Pigeons
I can't say I would have reacted much braver. Using a poker to open the fireplace door screaming and running to the other side of the room. There are many different faces of bravery, this is probably not one of them.
Woman Misses the EASIEST ‘Millionare’ Question Ever
We all know the hit TV show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Chances are, you or I would no doubt the get the first question right. Heck some of us may even get the second one right... I don't know about the 3rd and on though.
My point it, the first question is a given...
News Cameraman Fail
Well, I have it pretty easy in the radio biz. I sit in my chair, put on my comfy headphones, pull the microphone to my face and push the on button. News people well, they have to stand or sit in the right place, with their hair and makeup done yadda yadda...
Wedding Proposal FAIL [VIDEO]
Wow. This is just horrible.But accurately named.
There's a YouTube video going around called "Botched Proposal" and that hits the nail on the head.
My man had his lady in a boat and everyone on the boat was trying to get her to look towards the shore...
Extreme Ice Bucket Challenge Fail
With the surge if Ice Bucket Challenges lately, we've seen a surge in extreme failures as well.
In fact, my friend Stifler recently posted about that. See all the fails, here.
This one is the latest to add to the list of misery.
My man loaded up the front bucket on a tractor with Ice Water...
Montage of Some Nasty Slip ‘N Slide FAILS
Summertime is upon us my friends. Bring out the sunscreen and slip 'n slides! I love the art of the slip 'n slide. Ever since I was a kid, nothing get's me going quite like a long slick tarp to slide down. I was a slip 'n slide legend. Unfortunately, these poor souls weren't…

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