2013 Golden Globes – Worst Dressed [PHOTOS]
There were some serious red carpet clunkers at the 2013 Golden Globes. The dresses that were bad were ... really bad. There was nothing middling or "ho hum" about this selection of dumpy dresses, failure frocks and groan-inducing gowns.
It's a shame, since all of the ladi…
2013 Golden Globes – Best Dressed [PHOTOS]
The were more hits than misses at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards, so in order to keep things manageable, we narrowed it down to the five absolute best and most beautiful gowns (but do feel free to check out all our red carpet coverage).
Mardi Gras Season Is Here! Is Your Hair Ready? [VIDEO]
Other than getting spray tanned, my biggest expense every Mardi Gras season is HAIR! Somehow, my normal everyday style isn't enough in a formal gown and I feel the need to go the extra mile to get all glamed up! Then, I got the bright idea to search for some easy DIY styles on YouTube and I str…
How To: Tie A Tie – Super fast!
My dad once told me that a band called ZZ Top once said ladies go crazy for a sharp dressed man. If you want your guy to step it up and throw on a tie now and then, I'll tell you why he doesn't. Tying ties kinda sucks. You have to get it just right or it looks weird. Banish those excuses f…
Crazy Eyelashes!
Your eyelashes ... lets face it. They're lame. Tiny hairs poking out of your skin protecting your eyeballs from dust and granting wishes when they fall out. Or something.
Anyway spruce up things with these crazy eyelash extenders!

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