13 Secret Fears None Of Us Want To Experience In Real Life
Life's little faux pas that become legendary fails, this is what you will find here. What's something you hope to never see in a locker room? What's the worst thing that can happen to you at a friends house? What does your dog know that could ruin your life? These are the irrational f…
Axe Commerical Starring Kiefer Sutherland and The One Who Got Away
Oh, women. Granted, I know the majority of the listeners of K945 are women, so let me give you some insight into guys. To EVERY guy there is a woman. Not just any woman -- THE woman. The woman they wish they did it differently with. The one who the world stops when you lay eyes on her. The one whose…
Emma Stone on Ellen [VIDEO]
Since moving to the country, I have become very acquainted with my fear of spiders. Initially, I watched this video because I wanted to know who was the better kisser, but turns out, the spider part was way more juicy!