Get Fit, Get Connected With REFIT
There's a new workout program in the local area that promotes health and wellness along with a strong sense of community. It's called REFIT®. It was founded by three women in Waco, TX, and is taking the fitness world by storm!
Guy Eats Junk Food While at Gym Reactions are Hilarious
If you have a goal of getting fit you're probably at the gym on a regular basis. Imagine you're there now and you see a guy on a treadmill running eating a brownie and drinking whole milk. That happens in this video and more. The faces people make watching this guy are incredible...
Inspirational Zach Anner Work Out Video
I don't know much in this world but I do know ... the internet is full of mean people. Seriously you don't have to look far to see some negative Nancy spewing vile talk everywhere. But there are also so amazing people. People like Zach. Zach took a troll comment and really turned it around…

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