El Karubah Circus is in Town This Weekend!
We've all been on the fence about running away and joining the circus, so we wanted to find out how much work it would be. As it turns out, they just make it look easy - it's actually a lot more work than we are comfortable with.
Louisiana Is 8th Most Fun State In The U.S.
We may not have the best roads, best health, or best money management skills in the country; but, boy, we sure know how to have fun!  In the most recent WalletHub study, Louisiana ranks 8th in the most fun states in which to live in the United States...
The Best Halloween Movies for The Kids
This time of the year has always been something I looked forward to as a kid. The leaves are changing, festivals are going on every weekend, but the best part to me was watching all of the movies that matched the season. If you get burnt out on going to festivals here in the SBC try watching a …
Check Out fun.’s New Lyric Video for ‘One Foot’
"One Foot" is the latest video from fun. off their album "Some Nights," and it's got to be one of the most creative lyric videos ever made. We must warn you, however, that the camera work is pretty shaky, so try not to get a headache while watching.

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