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Academy Awards Trailer Staring … Stars! [Video]
Here's a pretty epic trailer for the Academy Awards show ... which has Megan Fox, the dad guy from the Twilight movies, Robin Williams, an angry bartender guy who I can't place and "The Host".
Pretty cool check it.
Do NOT do this at home- Monkey with gun. [VIDEO]
The whole reason I am posting this is because I love the monkey's pose at the end. It's a victory after he was mocked. But yeah... let's all hope we know not to be dumb enough to give a gun to someone that shouldn't have it.
The 4 Chords that Changed The World [Video]
I am a big fan of Flight of the Conchords and it was my love for them that led me to find another band that is stealing my heart called, The Axis of Awesome. They have some really great songs, but this one is my favorite. It features the same 4 chords in tons of songs we love...