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What People in Haunted Houses Are Really Afraid Of
One of our new favorite things about Halloween is funny, candid pictures of people being scared senseless in a haunted house. We had to ask ourselves though, what were they seeing that was so scary? We put our heads together, and we think we've figured it out. Here are our guesses at what was so sca…
Gangnam Style Reloaded [VIDEO]
I am now an official fan of Korean pop music. It's like Gangnam Style opened the flood gates. You have got to check this out. It's the now notorious Psy with Hyuna from 4minute. Before Hyuna was in the group 4minute, she was a member of the Korean pop group Wonder Girls, who you …
Psy Goes Gangnam Style on the Today Show [VIDEO]
The phenomena hit New York City when Korean artist Psy took the Today Show by storm and errbody in the big apple was doing it 'Gangnam Style!' I loved seeing the Today Show cast in their funky glasses and let's face it... Al Roker getting down Gangnam Style? Priceless!