Gotye Makes Nice With ‘Glee’
Gotye‘s dissatisfaction with the ‘Glee’ cover of ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ may have been blown out of proportion. The singer said at a private performance on Monday that the media misinterpreted his remarks and he actually believes the show&Clos…
Gotye Clears Up ‘Glee’ Criticism
Remember how Gotye called the ‘Glee‘ cover of his hit song “dinky?” The Australian singer-songwriter is backpedaling rather quickly from his comments, even throwing in some self deprecating remarks for good measure. What does the ‘Somebody That I Used to…
‘Glee’ Picked Up for Season 4
Great news, Gleeks! ‘Glee‘ has officially been renewed for a fourth season. The news was expected, but now fans and cast members can officially celebrate. After The Hollywood Reporter made the disclosure yesterday, Lea Michele passed on the good news to her followers.
Jonathan Groff to Return to ‘Glee’ Next Month
Jesse St. James is back! Actor Jonathan Groff will be returning to ‘Glee‘ next month as the show begins to wind down its third season. “Yes, I just finished filming a new episode,” the actor told Celebuzz. Jesse first appeared in Season 1 as a rival glee club …

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