Fabulous Horse Fails [VIDEO]
To be clear, these aren't fabulous horse fails because people went flying, they're fabulous because they're so over the top. OF COURSE, I don't want anyone to get hurt! Anyone who's listened to the show, knows I'm a big fan of ponies.
Man vs. Horse in Cross Country Race [VIDEO]
Deep in the heart of Wales, a race has taken place for over 25 years which involves nearly 500 hundred runners and around 50 horse and rider teams. The race is run over 22 miles from Llanwrtyd Wells and over the surrounding hills of mid-Wales...
Colin Farrell and his Horse… Which is Hotter?
Mmmmm.... Colin Farrell has been caught out horseback riding and for the life of me, I can't figure out which one of the two is hotter! I'm a horse girl and that horse is FINE but I have always had a thing for Colin... Hmmm... You tell me, which one is hotter...
Horse and Rider [VIDEO]
The world doesn't understand horse people. They think we're crazy... and maybe we are. After all, who can get passionate over an inanimate ball? It's the heart of the sport that comes through and horses are all heart.
K9 Search and Rescue Show [PICS]
My friends, Bill and Katheryn McFadden have been great supporters of K9 Search and Rescue in Shreveport for years and over Labor Day weekend, they hosted their 10th annual K9 SAR Benefit Horse Show which features hunters, jumpers and dressage at Holly Hill Farm in Benton, LA. Each year, they raise a…
Line Dancing Horse (VIDEO)
Oh my! Dressage is the sport of the Summer according to Stephen Cobert and his Colbert Nation... According to Yahoo! Sports, Equestrian is the hardest event to master at the Summer Olympics and now, now we have line dancing horses. SMH
Johnny Depp Buys His Mistress A Horse
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis just announced that they decided to part ways after 14 years together but this split has been a long time coming.
Allegedly, Johnny has been cheating with his Rum Diaries co-star Amber Heard for awhile. Amber flew out to Vegas to be with Johnny while he was promoting h…

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