Ice Bucket Challenge

Extreme Ice Bucket Challenge Fail
With the surge if Ice Bucket Challenges lately, we've seen a surge in extreme failures as well.
In fact, my friend Stifler recently posted about that. See all the fails, here.
This one is the latest to add to the list of misery.
My man loaded up the front bucket on a tractor with Ice Water...
Homer Simpson Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Now the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is invading animation! The longest running animated television show is now chipping in for the cause.
America's favorite yellow skinned father, Homer Simpson has now been dumped with ice water... And thanks to Bart, he was also dumped with several other very cold…
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral. Remember when everybody was doing Harlem Shake videos? Not because the Harlem Shake was such a great song. It just caught on and everybody started doing it. Well dancing around is safe enough *cough* unless your an athlete at Calvary *cough*...
Ice Bucket Challenge Proposal
THIS is hour you get engaged.
A proposal for a good cause! 31 yea old, Shelby Muha, was taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Her boyfriend David was supposed to stand behind her and dump the ice cold water on her head.
So when it was time for the water, it never came...

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