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The Top 5 Most Popular Videos From Jenna Marbles
It's pretty hard to think about Youtube with out thinking about Jenna Mourey, better known as her stage name. Jenna Marbles. We love Jenna here at K945 and were talking about her MOST popular videos yesterday. So here ya go here's her Top 5 BEST videos on youtube. As I write this post she …
Jenna Marbles Draws Her Life’s Story It’s Kinda Sad
"How to trick everyone into thinking your beautiful" the video that got it all started. The funny wacky woman known as Jenna Marbles has made me laugh more times than I can recall. This is the first time she made me cry. That or someone is chopping onions...
How Diets Work NSFW (VIDEO)
Yep, I'm still on my Jenna Marbles kick and this time she's here to tell us how diets work. She must be right, because she's skinny and I'm not!
Jenna Marbles – What Caffeine Does (VIDEO)
I love me some Jenna Marbles! Seriously, I can watch her videos one right after the other, over and over again! My girl Ashley told me I had to watch this and I couldn't believe I hadn't seen it already! Check it!