Here’s Our New Game, Brain Koozie [VIDEO]
So in the middle of working oh so hard today at the station, I decided to do something productive. Something that can help people all over the world. Something that anyone on Earth can enjoy, as long as they have a brain, and a koozie.
The Board: Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers [VIDEO]
As you can imagine, there are a lot of different opinions in an office at a radio station.

Greg and Puff from 99X and myself tend to disagree on most topics, so we decided to put up a camera and develop a new web series entitled, "The Board".
In case you missed the announcement, Stifler is leaving us! Well, kinda! He'll still be in the building, but not on K945. To celebrate the Stif-man, here's a ton of pictures from his time with K945 and a video from the staff here at the station!
Stifler’s “Big Announcement”
I use quotes there because in all honesty it's not THAT big of a deal. I'm hanging up my K945 headphones and walking 10 feet down the hall to start doing a show on one of our sister stations.
Jay Dives into a Freezing Cold Pool [VIDEO]
I posted a photo of the pool at Reflections of Island Park earlier and claimed if that picture got over 300 likes, I would jump into the pool. If I got over 1,000, I would belly flop.
In just a few hours, the photo was liked over 1,500 times across Facebook...

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