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2 Year old Irish Girl Shouts at Her Mom for Laughing at Her Cuteness
Holy moly this kid is hilarious! I mean at first I thought she was speaking a forign language and I started picking up a few words here and there. Do what I did ... hit closed captions.
This sassy little princess tells her mom off and mom can't stop laughing because the kiddo is so cute in her …
5 Cute Videos to Brighten Your Day
When the Lady Stifler is having a bad day. I turn into a GPS set for cuteness. I find with a cute video or picture of some adorable dogs, cats, otters, raccoon (etc) I can turn a frown into the biggest "AWWW IT'S SO CUTE!!" face you'll ever see. So here's some videos…
Coolest Dad Ever Builds a Spaceship for His Kids
I would like to say that when I have kids I would build a spaceship for them. I would love to say that I know all about how to wire things, and make a robotic arm that will deploy little satellites, maybe set up a mission control box in the other room...
1 year old Amputee Learning to Walk
Here's a surprisingly motivating and ridiculously cute video of a 1 year old baby learning to walk with his new legs and a walker. What makes it so cute is how he keeps reaffirming himself saying "I got it!"
Cute Little Kid Foils Babysitter Robbery Plans
I came across this story the other day and man oh man is it cute. This little girl Abby was being babysat when she was told by her babysitter there were some guys coming in to rob the place. So they hid, the police came and the babysitter said the next door neighbor did it. The 4-year-old girl calle…
9 Year Old Girl Nails a 540 on Skateboard
When I was 9 years old I wished I knew how to ride a skateboard ... I had a skateboard but no where to ride one except on my super rough blacktop road (no good). This 9 year old has pulled off a feat that few boarders can hope to achieve ....
Toddler and Baby Sing the Blues
Coming soon to a stage near you ... a baby and his dog. A new blues group known as Fido and Bubba maybe? Here's a kid playing a harmonica and a blood hound howling back up.
A Mom’s Sneeze Knocks Baby Over
Kids are great, seeing and hearing everything in the world for the first time can be quite the adventure. Here's a baby who hears mummy sneeze for the first time ever. The results are hilarious.

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