kidd kraddick

Kidd Booed AFTER Charlie Sheen! (VIDEO)
This is just mean! After getting booed along side Charlie Sheen last night, Kidd got it at work this morning, too! If you missed them talking about it, the Charlie Sheen show last night was a total joke.  He had this guitar player who would play a riff every other time Charlie said something...
Steven Tyler Answers Dying Wish
A lot of people ask me who is the coolest celebrity that has ever come into the studio. I usually take into consideration 2 things. The level of fame they have and how nice they are. Steven Tyler has been my answer because of the way he was when we met him and he has done something pretty amazing ag…
Li-Lo Passes Drug Test?
Lindsay had a new first... Who's on the short list to replace Regis? And a former Idol contestant sleeping on the streets?  It's all in the Hizziewood Hizzle!
O-Town Reunites!
The return of O-Town, Bustin Bieber goes retail, Lindsay Lohan says "no" to drugs, Charlie and Brooke together...again, and Kidman and Keith make the Showbiz Top 5!
The Hizziewood Hizzle 1/17
January 17, 2011
Was Ricky Gervais fired half way through the Golden Globes? Plus just how bad has A.J. gotten? And has Jake Gyllenhaal already moved on?
The 68th annual Golden Globes were last night and people started speculating that the host was fired midway through...
The Hizziewood Hizzle 1/11
January 11, 2011
Michael Douglas talk about cancer... Plus Eva Longoria removes Tony from her body... And Justin Bieber makes out with another woman
Michael Douglas has given his very first TV interview since being treated for throat cancer...