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Kim Kardashian’s Staged Wedding
While Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were getting married, E! was filming the whole extravaganza for the two part special wedding that’s airing in October. The film crew wanted to make sure to capture all of thespecial moments, and even create some themselves.
Kardashian Wedding Drama
Kim Kardashian’s wedding day is quickly approaching. Just ask her fiancé Kris Humphries. He tweeted yesterday in an ominous sounding message ‘Time is moving so fast’. Getting cold feet, worried about Reggie Bush trying to steal Kim back, or is Kris Jenner…
Kim Kardashian Crashes Kris’ Bachelor Party
Kim Kardashian and fiancé Kris Humphries celebrated their bachelorette and bachelor parties over the weekend in Vegas. Kim’s party was at Tao and her family was there to celebrate. Khloe kept saying she planned on embarrassing Kim during her party and she may have succeeded.
Uh Oh… There’s Proof Kim Is A Cheater!
Robert Kardashian was the only one in his family that didn’t believe a wedding would happen between Kim and her fiancé Kris Humphries, and maybe he was onto something. Bret Lockett, a safety for the New England Patriots, told ‘In Touch Weekly’ that he has…
Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant!?!?!?!?
Kim Kardashian just got engaged to her boyfriend Kris Humphries, but they are planning on a quick wedding. They wedding will be in either July or August. And the rumor is the couple needs to have a quickie wedding because Kim is already pregnant.
Kim Kardashian’s Engagement RING
You have to capitalize RING because it's so much more than just a ring! So what about this ring Kris Humphries gave Kim Kardashian? Kim says when she was in high school, she went to Macy's and bought a fake ring -- her perfect ring. And guess what...
Details On Kim Kardashian’s Engagement
Kim Kardashian has been dating her basketball boyfriend Kris Humphries for 6 months now. Last month, she announced she would be moving to New York to be closer to him and was hoping for an engagement by this summer. And she got exactly what she asked for last Wednesday...
Kim Kardashian ENGAGED?!?!!?
Kim Kardashian’s dreams are finally coming true. The 30-year old reality star has been ready to settle down for quite some time but a string of bad relationships kept preventing her from doing that. But things have changed since she met her 26 year old basketball boyfriend, Kris Hum…

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