Don’t Get Trapped In This Gift Card Scam
Gift cards are always a good easy gift for Secret Santa gifts or for your uncle Tom. However, it is also an easy scam to create if you are thinking of being naughty this Christmas.
Councilman Michael Williams Just Won’t Stop (VIDEO)
Check out this video from KSLA... Unbelievable! Stifler is right, it's def time for a sit in... Naw, that's too political. It's time for a sleep over in front of the Caddo Courthouse. We've already checked into it. No permit required, just need to let the Chief know ahead of time…
Louisiana Boardwalk Foreclosed On?
I know, right? When I first read that, I about wet my pants. After all, where would we go for church on Sunday or to drop the girls off for a day of movies and good eats? No worries! While the Louisiana Boardwalk has been foreclosed on, it's not closing.