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Lindsay Gets ‘Gotti’ Gig
It’s official! Lindsay Lohan has signed on to be in 'Gotti: Three Generations'. She will not be playing the daughter of the infamous NY mobster John Gotti, but will now be Kim Gotti, who is John Gotti Jr.’s wife!  Lindsay told reporters, "I&apo…
Lindsay Lohan Dropping Her Last Name!
Odd story, Lindsay Lohan is dropping her last name and will just be known as Lindsay from now on. Lindsay’s mother, Dina Lohan, told that she and her daughter Ali will be changing their last names from Lohan back to her maiden name of Sullivan...
Grammy? Never Say Never…
March 07, 2011
A $35,000 surveillance video? Mark Cuban finds Charlie Sheen interesting? And there are only two documentaries that have made more money than Never Say Never. Find out all about this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!
Lindsay Lohan Back On Set?
March 02, 2011
Want to smell like Charlie Sheen? Lindsay Lohan back on the set? And Christina Aguilera not in trouble after a Public Intoxication? Find out this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!!!

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