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Did Lindsay Lohan Get a Boyfriend Kicked Out of Rehab?
Even though the general consensus is that Lindsay Lohan is doing great post-rehab, it seems that she couldn't enjoy her stay without a healthy share of drama.
New rumors have surfaced that La Lohan had a gentleman friend in treatment -- and that once her counselors found out, they gave the guy t…
Lindsay Lohan Hates Some of Her Own Movies Too
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her birthday with a donated cake and on Twitter, where she revealed a healthy level of self-awareness about her career. (She's previously showcased self-awareness about her status as a public figure on 'Anger Management' and in 'Scary Movie 5,' which…
Lindsay Lohan Spends Birthday With Her Lawyer
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 27th birthday at Cliffside Malibu, her rehab center, but she wasn't alone.
Lohan's lawyer, Shaun Holley, visited her at the facility to send personal happy birthday wishes.
A source at the rehab center tells E...

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