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Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out Of Interview
Looks like that sitdown with Barbara Walters won't be happening anytime soon.
Lindsay Lohan has pulled out of a scheduled interview with Walters which was scheduled to air Nov. 16, according to The two were scheduled to promote Lohan's upcoming TV movie "Liz &…
In a Twist, Lindsay Lohan Actually Wants to Go to Court
Last week, shortly after she cried foul on Twitter for young Amanda Bynes not ending up in the clink, our favorite scofflaw Lindsay Lohan got in a little trouble of her own when she was arrested for hitting a pedestrian with her car in New York.
Now she wants to sue the guy she hit. Because the one …
Hotel Bans Lohan
A legendary Hollywood hotel has banned troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan after she allegedly skipped out on a bill totaling $46,350.04.

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