Top Memes (Internet Jokes) Round Up Of 5/25
The internet is full of people. People who like to make jokes about things going on in their lives or just observations. Usually the choice medium for these jokes is memes. Here's a round up of the best memes I've seen online.
Meme Alert: Joker Kid Is Awesomely & Funny
Halloween is right around the corner, have you started thinking about costume ideas? Superheroes are great for kids and for adults too, but every hero needs a villain right? Well this little guy rocks Heath Ledger's Joker (From Dark Knight) look so hard it hurts!
Meet the ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ [Video]
Who is the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy? The man who's smile has won the hearts of the internet? The marathon runner who's smile will steal your soul was on ABC's Good Morning America. See the Ridiculously Photogenic interview here.