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Avengers Teasers Keep Coming [Video]
The Avengers staring all of your favorite superheroes (except Superman, Batman, and XMen) is coming out this summer and there are ALOT of teasers out there.
At this point you should feel like you've seen the movie
‘Bully’ Offical Trailer [Video]
Bullying sucks ... what motivates a bully? Is it the desire of power, to look powerful in the eyes of his or her classmates? To look cool? I dunno I dropped out of college Psychology after a week, but it seems obvious the problem isn't an easy one to solve. Here's a movie that looks into …
Dark Shadows Movie Trailer [Video]
Dark Shadows a movie directed by Tim Burton staring Johnny Depp as a vampire in the 70's. ... ... ... ... What else do you need to know?
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