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‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Movie Trailer [Video]
I watched this video and came away so confused. It might be amazing. Watch the trailer tell me if it makes any sense to you. I bet if I did drugs it would make more sense. Actually it would probably make less sense but I would be too out of my mind to care.
‘Friends With Kids’ Movie Trailer [Video]
Looks like a romantic comedy type movie about two single friends having kid together. Fighting of emotions that comes from being linked to that person. The feelings that start to come to the for front after seeing that guy or girl you took for granted being taken away by a relationship.
ATM Movie Trailer [Video]
Because you're not afraid to go with drawl money already with out have to worry about getting mugged or having your identity stolen. Now you should worry about people wearing fluffy jackets too.
Silent House Movie Trailer [Video]
Ready to be creeped out? There's another Olsen sister who's not a member of the twins thing. That didn't creep you out? What if I told you I was behind you and I just farted a silent fart. Silent but deadly...SILENCE ... WILL ... KILL!!!!!
The Dark Knight Rises [Video]
Alfred wishes he was a ninja butler. Chief Gordon now a mayor? Cat woman speaks on corporate greed. Bane takes some inmates to a football stadium.... neat?

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