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“Rock Of Ages” Trailer (VIDEO)
The big-screen version of the Broadway hit "Rock of Ages" starring Tom Cruise, Malin Akerman and Alec Baldwin is set to hit theaters next summer. Take a gander at the trailer.
John Carter – Movie Trailer [Video]
When I was a kid I always admired Superman, a normal being from another world, who after coming to Earth becomes special. For me to be Superman ... that would mean I would have to go to another planet. I GUESS what this movie is about? Watch it!
Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Opening Tonight! [Video]
What you see in this picture are the decorations at the Regal Boardwalk for the wedding of human to a vampire. Shout out to Hallie Horn for creating it and Ashley Courter for the picture!
if you live under a rock you may have not heard, Breaking Dawn - Part 1 premires tonight .... Are you ready?

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