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Another 2011 Movie Montage… Thing [Video]
I know ... I KNOW! We're all 2011'ed out and moved on to bigger and better things! (Unless you're a Mayan?)
But here's one more montage of movies from 2011 (and before ... just watch you'll see what I mean.)
American Pie’s – American Reunion [Video]
The whole cast of characters are back for another installment of the movie that made them all stars. The newest trailer is very ... dealing with life, lets just put it that way. Gone are the days of high school prankery. Now it's all rock the baby, sexually harass coworkers, get friends dad dru…
Lion King 3D Movie Trailer [Video]
In movies tonight ... the old movie Lion King ... only it's new b/c it's in 3D! Look at this 3D trailer in 2D on Your computer screen!
Unless your computer screen is 3D ... in which case your priorities are WACK JACK!

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