Is “Hollywood South” Dead?
Just three years ago, more movies and television shows were being filmed in Louisiana than in any other state in the U.S.  The film industry was so big here, that the Pelican State was dubbed "Hollywood South."  As the old adage goes, "Fame is fleeting,"…
Twilight Franchise Props Up For Auction
I know you secretly love Twilight, it's okay. Lets face it we were dazzled by the romanticized relationship of a dead guy with fangs and a beefy werewolf. I have news for you. Over 900 pieces of props and costumes are moving to auction.
Remember the engagement ring that Edward gave Bella...
Hollywood Hot Spots in the Shreveport!
Something I have noticed since moving to Bossier City is that every where I look I see art, music, culture. What I didn't realize was the amount of cinematic energy was currently booming here. I have gathered a list of movies that were filmed right in our backyard...
Check out the Trailer for the New Terminator Movie
Allow me to begin my stating a simple, yet embarrassing fact.
I've never seen any Terminator movie. Nope. Not one. Never ever.
All I know is one 3-word phrase.
How's it go again? Oh yea.... I'LL BE BACK.
Having said that, the trailer for the latest installment gets me kinda pumped up...
IMDB’s Top 250 Movies In Less Than 3 Minutes
Movies are as much a part of our culture as football, pizza and cars. There have been some terrible and amazing movies in the past 100 years. Here's 250 of the best according to IMDB in 2 and half minutes. How is that possible? TONS of editing.
Grateful Dead Second Annual Meet-Up At The Movies 2012
I'm a total closet Dead fan! If you ever take a road trip with me, you'll likely find yourself jamming to Sugar Magnolia or Touch of Grey! In fact, I have a Grateful Dead dancing bear on my ankle and it's my only tattoo! I may have had a bit of fun in college, but I digress! I'm …

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